Medical Grade Peels

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Medical Grade Peels

Awaken Aesthetics uses a safe and effective at-home peel system by aesthetics to transform your skin through a virtually pain-free process. You can experience extraordinary results in as little as seven days because the Medical Grade Peels fortifies skin with vitamins and minerals while exfoliating. Peels are suitable for all skin types, including darker skin tones and those with more sensitive skin. 

This limits downtime and the treatments are specialized to deliver a variety of results, including:

The advantages of this treatment include:



The range of Medical Grade Peels we offer includes solutions for exfoliating sensitive skin to medium-depth peels that treat acne-prone skin. The peels contain ingredients such as BHA and AHA for maximum personalization resulting in minimal downtime. We recommend getting several peel treatments to boost your skin’s health and rejuvenation while combining the application of medical-grade skin care products and sunscreen. Chemical Peels can be used with other treatments to help you achieve your desired aesthetic appearance. All peels include an oil (to help lock in moisture and aid skin healing) and aftercare. This post-procedure soothing cream helps boost collagen, hydrate, prevent excessive dryness, and decrease redness and irritation.


Most of our peels treat the face. The Chemical Peels we use can treat several areas, including the arms, elbows, knees, and chest.
Your skin enhancements can last a few weeks. We recommend avoiding sun exposure and cleansing your skin daily for optimal results.
You’ll see the results within four to five days after treatment.
Yes. You might get redness, mild swelling, or dark spots. These symptoms subside within a few hours.
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